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Fun Family Portraits ~ A Stroll Through Freedom Park

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

I really enjoyed working  with this lovely family. We chose to stroll through Charlotte’s Freedom Park because of its beauty and varying vistas. Mom and Dad had been wanting to have family portraits for their home and for gifts to give. We had a wonderful time capturing some nice moments in the later afternoon light at the park. I photographed them in color but we chose b&w for the simple beauty of the images. We chose unique shapes for a few of their wall portraits, wide horizontals and square shapes, to create visual variety for their portrait walls at home.  Here are some of our favorites from our family portrait session ~

Summer Memories

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Happy September!

Amid the hubub of back-to-school and a scheduled life, my mind wanders back to the beautiful summer we had. Let’s see … we traveled by planes, trains and automobiles to islands, beaches, pools, museums, parks and saw family, friends and neighbors. We curled on the sofa and read a ton of good books – we visited a gold mine – ate fresh figs on the veranda and we watched  Spain win the World Cup! Lots and lots of fun. As we stumble back into our routine, we need to remember to infuse a little summer into our fall, winter and spring and keep that sense of wonder and adventure alive through all the seasons. I am excited to share with you some sweet summer memories ~ I shed all my heavy camera equipment and traveled with the Olympus Pen EP-2 a downsized camera with interchangeable lenses. A modern rangefinder style camera, if you will. It was freeing to travel so lightly and fun to try a new camera with all its bells and whistles. Enjoy the view!

{Tomorrow I will resume the blog with news from Nanine Hartzenbusch Photography. But just for today we’ll dream about summer…}