I love sharing my craft and skill with all sorts of families ~ Big families, small families, siblings, newborns ~ and my own family. When my cousin Adele called me a while back to commission a portrait of her mother, I was thrilled! I love to spend time with Adele and her mother Patsy and of course Adele’s dog, Sophie! Not only is Adele my cousin (actually officially she is my first cousin once removed – my grandmother and her mother are cousins) but I am proud to call her a close friend and confidante. Even though she lives a few hours away, she has always been there for us. Adele wanted a few framed portraits of her mother to cherish for years to come, and holiday cards for her mother and for herself. Patsy is  sweet, fun, smart and a joy to be with. I wanted to capture her sense of fun, loveliness and her sweet smile, so here are my favorite images from our portrait session ~  Michal_111010_013Michal_111010_019Michal_111010_006  Michal_111010_016Michal_111010_014